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Prepare for Head Lice Outbreaks! 

Now is the time to prepare you and your family for the next wave of head lice infestations that are sure to hit Canadian schools, camps, daycares and family dwellings once social distancing measure ease.  Head lice cases are more severe now given the super lice resistance issues and social distancing has made lice even hungrier to survive. This is the time to plan, by arming yourself with quality products from the leader in head lice and environmental care products and services.    Our School, camp, daycare and travel survival kits are essential for every family to have when kids go back to social situations. 

Parents, teachers and kids alike have been yearning for the return to normal.  One “normal” they won’t be so happy to reacquaint with is head lice.

The most common affliction next to the common cold, pediculosis has not been wiped out by Covid-19.  Dawn Mucci, CEO of, Canada’s leading head lice removal company, reports that the cases the company’s consultants are now seeing date back to the spring when schools were in session. “With the company’s clinics shuttered, people weren’t able to get the professional help they’ve relied on in the past,” she said.  “While some families were able to pick away at lice removal for months, some cases are more severe because of pesticide resistance and the lack of resources to help.”

Prevention and preparedness are recommended.  Get Lice Squad’s SuperHero™ products such as the essential oil preventive Superhero Relief, the Louse Trap™ Comb (which acts as a diagnostic as well as a removal tool), and the SuperHero™ Shampoo.  Having these items on hand will mean your family is ready when “normal” returns.  It is Lice Squad‘s handy dandy way to save the day!  Use our Discount Code PREPARE at Check Out for 10% Off (limited time only).


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